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Coastal Farm: A Sustainable Farming Hub for the Next Generation of Texas Cities

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

In response to the surging demand for clean and sustainable food in Texas, our architectural initiative spearheads a groundbreaking movement. Acknowledging the environmental impact of traditional farming and the cattle industry, especially the detrimental reliance on fertilizers and heavy machinery, we champion a paradigm shift in agricultural practices, fueled by a commitment to transformative design.
Nestled within the bay of Corpus Christi, TX, our project leverages rising water levels to redefine architectural paradigms. This dynamic setting propels the creation of an innovative housing complex that ingeniously employs bay waters for farmland, highlighting a fusion of architectural aesthetics and ecological restoration. At its core, our mission advocates for the architectural cultivation of Kelp, a proven Carbon Sink with qualities surpassing traditional crops. Cultivated without fertilizers, Kelp not only revitalizes the local environment but also introduces a pioneering architectural vision.
The envisioned Aquaculture Complex serves as an architectural testament to our dedication to sustainable practices, seamlessly integrating the architectural harvesting of crops and sea organisms. Incorporating green design strategies, such as strategically placed solar panels for energy production, roofs angled to create water channels diverting water into planters for passive irrigation and residential use, and the inclusion of trees on higher floors for air purification, our architectural approach extends beyond traditional boundaries. Additionally, our design incorporates the use of Kelp on the ground floor, maximizing a carbon sink strategy. We also integrate the farming of schools of fish to restore the aquatic ecosystem through marine populations and the creation of artificial reefs.

Student Work From ARCH-4556, Design Studio 3, Fall 2023

Supervisor: Dr. Oswald Jenewein

Giovanni Castro, Fernando Rojas, and William Turner


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