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Ingleside on the Bay. A Resilient Waterfront for a Texas Coastal Town

Oswald Jenewein (PI)
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs
Michelle Hummel (Co-PI)
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering
Graduate Assistants:
Isaiah Sigala
Calvin Ridenour
Coastal cities are increasingly vulnerable to flooding and shoreline erosion driven by sea-level
rise and coastal storm events. Many communities face threats of environmental impacts associated with industrial development along the Texas coast, which places additional stress on residents, infrastructure, and natural resources. Such impacts are visible in the case-study for this project, Ingleside on the Bay (IOB), Texas, a small community located in close proximity to industrial sites in Corpus Christi Bay. In response to sea-level-rise and industrial growth in and around IOB, this interdisciplinary research project applies a participatory mixed-methods approach to (1) identify natural and built assets and challenges based on community input, (2) quantify current and future flood hazards, and (3) synthesize these into climate adaptation pathways. The resulting adaptation pathways highlight the importance of incorporating community input and considering both natural and human-caused drivers of vulnerability when evaluating potential adaptation strategies.


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