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The Transscalar City: Housing the New Texas Triangle

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The Transscalar City is a collaborative project to rethink settlement patterns and advocate for climate action. It integrates the territorial, urban, and architectural scale to design adaptive built environments for the human and nonhuman members of the urban ecosystem.

While climate change impacts have started to materialize globally, the built environment needs to respond locally. Texas is among the three fastest growing states, with the Dallas and Houston metropolitan areas ranking fourth and fifth largest in the US. With over 70% of the state’s population living in the Texas Triangle amidst rapid growth and housing shortages, it is time to expand this territory from a triangle to a trapezoid, linking Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, to its fourth edge: Corpus Christi Bay. Populating this territory asks architects to develop strategies to rethink vernacular housing typologies, generating resilient urbanization patterns.

What will the cities of the New Texas Triangle look like to serve as a framework for sustainable growth, resilient to the changing environmental conditions?


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