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Urban Carbon Sinks: Housing The New Texas Triangle

Project Goals
The Texas Triangle houses 70% of the state’s population. With rapid growth and housing demand, it is time to expand this territory from a triangle to a trapezoid, linking Dallas\Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, to its fourth edge: Corpus Christi Bay. Creating the Texas Trapezoid is a transscalar design project as it needs territorial, urban, architectural, and social interventions. This studio explores how housing typologies can be utilized as urban ecosystem components to develop a carbon-neutral urbanization strategy for the new Texas Triangle.

Design Methods
Students utilize analytical, generative, and representational tools to design, draw, map, diagram, visualize, animate, build, and communicate their projects as a team following an iterative design process.

The projects showcase novel urbanization patterns for the New Texas Triangle, designed around water, mobility, and energy solutions, and address territorial strategies toward technology, agriculture, and education (re)thinking the typology of the architectural object as a systems component. 


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